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About Us

We’re the Local and Out-of-State Moving Experts

We Are the Movers is one of the leading local and out-of-state moving companies out there, and we can help when it comes to relocations, removals, packing & unpacking services and storage solutions. We’re more than just a moving company, and our business was founded on the cornerstones of excellent customer service and an unbeatable moving service no matter what your starting destination or time limit might be.

Friendly and Experienced Staff

We hire only the best to our team of movers and drivers, and our staff is both friendly and experienced to handle any type of move and removal. We’re here to make the process easier for you, and it’s part of why we’ve remained one of the leading moving companies for local and out-of-state moves whether for home, business, students or seniors.

Trained and Licensed Drivers

We use only trained and licensed drivers to sit behind the wheel of our moving vehicles, and they’ll make sure whatever we’re transporting reaches the end destination safely. They’re trained in how to handle any type of weather and terrain for local and out-of-state movies in any condition and climate. It’s just another reason why we’ve been chosen as one of the leading moving companies by locals for several years in a row.

Moving for Homes and Businesses

We can help with relocations for homes, businesses, students and seniors. We’re one of the only moving companies out there who can cater to your relocation and removal needs no mater what they might be, and it’s just another reason why you should hire us when you’re planning your next move.

If you have specialized removal needs such as pianos, vintage items or antiques or furniture that needs to be moved from one point to another, we can help – and we’ll even supply you with the necessary packing materials to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

In The Right Direction - Always

We have a sense of direction that’s backed up by modern technology like GPS – and sometimes, we make use of old-fashioned maps to get where we’re going. For you, this means that we won’t get lost on the way to you or your end destination. All our vehicles are additionally equipped with vehicle tracking so that you can find out where your shipment is in relation to the end of the journey at any point, and so that we can keep a close eye on it should anything happen.

We Care – and We Take Care

We care just as much about your stuff as you do, and it’s just another reason why we’re one of the best moving companies to contact for local and out-of-state moves and removals. We’ll ensure that everything we pack and transport arrives where it’s meant to in the same condition that we picked it up, and it’s this guarantee that’s helped to keep our top spot as one of the best companies around.

Tight Budget or Time Limit?

Contact us for a quotation today: We cut costs without having to cut corners, and we can help you move your home or office contents to a new location anywhere in the state or beyond. Find out why We Are the Movers is one of the best companies there is and hire us today.

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